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K-pop Dance Festival is Wii-only Dance video game developed and published by Skonec Sagging Snail (Lee Juck, Yoo Jae-suk) Apgujeong Nallari (2011); Chulssa (Noh Hong-chul, PSY) Shake it (2011); Orange Caramel Shanghai. 2011 edit The preliminary competition was hosted in 16 countries with more than 30,000 applicants and over 10,000 fans attending the. Oct 3, 2016 K-POP World Festival is organized by South Korea's foreign affairs ministry along with Korea The festival is held annually since.

2011 edit The 9th annual Korea Times Music Festival was held on April 30, 2011. Artists (16 total):. 4minute Baek Ji-young Bobby Kim. K-pop Cover Dance Festival is an international amateur dance competition, organised with the In 2011, over 1,700 contenders from 64 countries submitted their dance videos. 66 contestants were selected to go to South Korea to participate.

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