E sky hunter 2 4 2016

100 1.4 (-30/54/170/600/1000/1400). . Software for CopterX (CX-PB002) USB Programming Cable for CX-1X1000 (v1.0 ) Software for CopterX (CX-PB002) USB ESKY Helicopter 2.4GHz. . fujicam / . . E-sky Lama E-sky . .

RCS-BELTROL ESC's can use E-SKY ET61 6 channel 2.4 GHz digital These instructions may also be accurate for the E-SKY ET6 TX but we have not tried. Installation Instructions for FMS Software E-SKY Lama V4 User's Manual E- Sky E-SKY Hunter User's Manual E-SKY User Manuals / Exploded Diagrams. Introducing the The ESKY Hunter Electric RC Helicopter. People who are intimidated by RC helicopters shouldnt worry because the ESKY Hunter features easy. The ESKY Hunter is my first 4-channel RC heli. trays for the Rx. On my Hunter, the factory installed the 2.4GHz 4-in-1 on the upper.

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